Born Free Presents: Unrewarded

Unrewarded: Not having received any reward or advantages. 

Born Free Motorcycle Show is a annual event held over two days in Oak Canyon Ranch, California. What makes this show so unique? The culture, the builders, and the sponsors. The show highlights 25 bike builders to show off their creative abilities in sculpting metal and applying unique materials in order to win best of show. I found that the event was missing out on opportunities to reach its demographic in a more traditional way than through social media. 

I designed Unrewarded - an artifact for the culture by Born Free to touch its viewers in a traditional form of media. We are builders, collectors, and do-it-yourselfers. We find value in things that are tangible. Unrewarded would be a monthly publication that highlights the builders, sponsors, and local purists that fuel the motorcycle culture. It all leads up to this - where hard work comes with even harder recognition. You can't put a price on passion, so here is insight on the blood, sweat, and tears shed by the unknown masters of bike building.


11 x 15 Newsprint