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beautful ful

Imported textiles from around the world, designed and made in Los Angeles.

Alejandro Rodriquez—designer and story-teller. Each season is influenced by particles of his life. Cut from his memories and transformed into confident wear for men.

”The Great Gatsby: There is a part when the lady said she wanted her kid to grow to be a beautiful little fool because she thought it was the easiest way for somebody to grow up. It didn’t look so beautiful, like physically. I took it as sometimes the less you know or the more “foolish” you act in this life, you get further because you’re not so worried about rules

‘Ignorance is bliss’ basically... If I knew what starting a company was gonna take I would have never done it. But I was a beautiful little fool and jumped in head first”

The logo designed needed to support Alejandro’s vision. Confident, bold, aggressive. Standing alone or applied over imagery, it demands your attention and won’t take anything less.



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